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Mold Trial

Generally, the mold is not directly regarded as the final product when it is designed, because it will have such or other defects after it is produced. However, this type of defect There is no guarantee that they will be completely avoided before manufacturing. During the manufacturing process, there may be phenomena that cannot be stored and processed. Therefore, it is necessary to go through the trial model, and then analyze, evaluate and optimize the samples produced by the trial model to meet the requirements. High quality requirements. However, most of the defects of plastic mold tooling products are caused during the plasticization and injection molding stages, and may also be caused by improper manufacturing of plastic molds. Therefore, in order to avoid product defects caused by mold design in injection molding process steps, it is necessary to analyze when making molds. Mold design and process parameters.

Sample Confirmation

•Inspection of product matching size
•Trial assembly inspection
•mold quality inspection



mold polishing has two purposes; one is to increase the smoothness of the mold, so that the surface of the product from the mold is smooth, beautiful and beautiful, and the other is to make the mold easy to demold, so that the plastic will not be stuck on the mold and cannot be taken off.


Sandblasting is to shoot quartz sand to the surface of the mold through an air gun with a certain pressure or by EDM to be more accurate and hiaghquality  , thereby forming a layer of frosted surface on the surface of the plastic mold design. When a plastic mold injects a product, it will form a matte effect on the surface of the product. Generally, sandblasting is divided into two types: fine sand and coarse sand. For sandblasting, the surface of the plastic part is easy to wear off.



 20 Waheed Ahmed st ., Beside the industrial union Begam Road Industrial Area  ,AL Qalibeya , Egypt .


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